What’s the worst thing the Koch brothers have done?

What’s the worst thing the Koch Brothers GREEDY SCUM have done? Take Your Pick.

New rule: Not all of the teapartiers are teabaggers. The rest are KOCH SUCKERS.

3 comments to What’s the worst thing the Koch brothers have done?

  • Francis R. Barbour  says:

    I don’t know: “The Koch Brothers…” nor, what their designs truly are upon ‘Social Security’. But, I do know this. Calling ‘Social Security’ to be: “Enormously Successful” – is about the absolute dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard in my own lifetime!Upon what valid basis may we call Social Security to be: “Enormously Successful”? Does it meet the basic needs of all our citizens? No. Many of them are suffering horribly for lack of money! Has it gotten financially stronger over the passage of time? No. It has become increasingly under-financed and horribly-unstable! Will it provide any benefit to those who are now just beginning to pay in? No. Their money will be long gone, before they themselves retire!Now, you might think that I’m bashing ‘Social Security’, but I’m not. After all, I have paid in tens of thousands myself to this: “Federally Operated Ponzi Scheme” – without any choice on my own part. What else could I do? They took it, before I ever even saw it; and they won’t give it back!But, let’s not call ‘A Lemon’ what it isn’t!Should ‘Social Security’ be abolished? No. Changed? Certainly. But, in the end, it’ll just collapse – like everything else our government screws up! Why? Because, it was: calculatingly, intentionally, and willfully designed to fail from the very beginning!

  • Aurea  says:

    I just don’t like people like them! With the “Greedy Scum” in your title, I think I might bang my head if I have continued on watching the video! :)

  • The Common Progressive  says:

    These guys never cease to amaze me! I just read today that the Koch brothers have been hired by the State of Kansas to rally support for the Draconian abortion laws they’ve been trying to enact. Truly outrageous- and if the Supreme Court had not allowed a ‘corporate free for all’ in regards to campaign spending, then we wouldn’t find our selves in many of these situations. We have a long way to go, a very long way.

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